Welcome to Progress Namibia.

We are a company based in Namibia, but working all throughout Africa. Sometimes we even work in Asia, Latin America and Europe. Sustainability is what we do. Sustainable societies is what we aim for.

Our biggest passion is redefining our value systems towards the wellbeing of society. As part of this, we have a very passionate team working on the 'For Progress Namibia Project', where we are looking at measuring progress beyond the Gross Domestic Product status quo. This includes finding out from Namibian citizens what is important to them and what they define as progress. For Namibia (and indeed the world) to turn into a prosperous and life-giving place of happy healthy people living as part of a healthy system, we need to re-think a few things. This we find quite exciting. We strive to be leaders in this change, for Namibia, for Africa, and for the world.

Our portfolio includes communication, education and public awareness strategies; research; project development, implementation and evaluation; and capacity development, for various target groups (globally, with focus at national and local level, with most of our work in Africa). These include youth, local resource users, farmers, community members (rural and urban), decision-makers, technocrats. We also often do training-of-trainers. Our areas of expertise include sustainability and sustainable development, sustainable land management (agriculture with a focus on agro-ecology and conservation agriculture), climate change (adaptation and mitigation), biodiversity and ecosystems, ecosystem services, green economy, wellbeing indicators and alternative economics (beyond GDP), youth development, natural resource management, coastal and marine management.